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Your name: Caryn
You partner's name: Dustin
Your age: 16
Your partners age: 18
Where you're from: Sammamish, WA
Where you're partner is from: Sammamish, WA
Your anniversary:September 23, 2004

How you met: We met at school through a mutual friend in Sept. of my sophomore year. I was going through a really hard time and had just learned the day before that we were going to have to put my cat down that morning (he was really young but had a total kidney failure.. I went to school anyways because I felt that I couldnt watch him be put down) so I was really depressed that day. My friend introduced us and there was just something about him that intrigued me. He was the only one able to make me smile that day. It was a friday and Im a student athletic trainer so I had to go to the football game in Seattle that night and work so I didnt get a chance to really talk to him much. Then that Monday he didnt come to school and my friend told me some stuff about him (his dad being abusive, etc.) which really worried me that he wasnt at school so I got his screenname from her and IMed him that night to talk. We talked for hours about everything and nothing at all. I didnt go to bed until like 3am that night because we were talking for so long and we just connected (he ended up being ok just wasnt feeling well that day) so we kept talking for a few days until he asked me out :). (Quick I know, but we're still going strong)
Your status (engaged, married etc): Long Term. However we live together (It is better for him here than at his own house.. hes lived here since about 2-3 months after we started going out) so it feels like we're married lol.
The most romantic thing your partner has done for you: I would have to say.. the ring he gave me. And Im a sucker for little things and he does a lot of little things for me. He gives me random cards, notes, etc. and I think thats really cute. One time I had a doctors appt. after school and he came home with me and stayed at my house for a bit after I left and went home before I got back. When I got home I got on the computer and there was an icon that said "Open Me". He had made the sweetest little message in microsoft paint. It was so cute.
What's the thing you love most about your partner and why?: I love his personality. He is so sweet and I love how I feel completely comfortable with him and able to talk to him about anything.
What do you see in the future for the two of you? (marriage, children etc): Marriage and 2-3 kids. Dont know when and dont really care. We take it one day at a time and whatevers meant to happen will happen.
Tell us a sweet story about a memory or moment for the two of you: Hmm no real specific ones but we take walks at night together and lay out and look at the stars and stuff. Its fun to just spend time alone and to talk and stuff. Also, last summer when we went to the ocean for a week, we went and watched the sunset and talked and just enjoyed each others company.
What proved to you that they felt the same about you, as you did them? I cant think of something that pinpoints it. We had a long talk about it and why we liked each other, etc. He enjoys talking about the future with me and that says a lot because most guys I know hate to talk about the future.
What's something that needs improvement in your relationship? Hmm probably the jealousy and communication. We normally can talk things out but when we have smaller problems, its really annoying when he wont talk to me and he just ignores me instead. He wont really stand up for himself so if I do something wrong he wont tell me and so it happens again and he gets mad, etc. but I never know exactly why. We both came out of bad relationships before dating each other and therefore are a bit sketchy of trusting each other but we have overcome that for the most part now we just have to quit being so jealous of each others friends, etc.
Do you have any suggestions for this community? The buttons on the userinfo are linked to a completely different community.. just thought ya'll should know :)
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Post some pics of you and your loved one! 10 at the most.

We went to Mt. Rainier :)

At a BBQ on the lake

Homecoming 2005

Post one picture that you would like to represent your couple on the anniversaries page: The last one above :)
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