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ljs_lovers' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

And so it is, each of us are angles with only one wing and we can only fly by embracing another.
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[Saturday, July 1st @ 9:50am]
Ok this community is going nowhere fast, & I'm not really wanting to put the effort into to make it get up & go, cause I have alot of other things to focus on right now. If any wants this community, let me know, otherwise I'll just close it.

[Wednesday, May 17th @ 1:54pm]

Hey, I just wanted to give ya'll a small update about Dustin and I since I've been a horrible member for not updating.

Here a link to our application to refresh your memory :)

We are both doing pretty good actually. Things have been going good which is nice.. we havent been fighting (since we live together we tend to almost pick fights is what it seems like lol they're just stupid things) all that much so that is really nice. School is almost out for the summer which will be awesome. We're going to the ocean again in August along with other random little trips. We'll be attending a community college to finish out our senior year of high school (Its called running start.. you go to college for free and get both college and high school credits at the same time). Im really looking forward to it and so is he. I think we're both getting a bit excited now that we're getting registered for classes, etc.

In september we'll have been together for two years. It really is amazing to look back and see how we've grown as people and as a couple in the last couple years. We've both grown up a lot and have learned the ins and outs of each others personalities which is very helpful when dealing with problems and that sorta thing.

We babysit 2 little boys together. They are 1 and 3 and they are the most adorable kids ever. They're really fun and we watch them once a week and normally more if she needs it. He is amazing with kids and its so fun to watch. It makes me think about having kids with him and we both want to have kids sometime just not yet. Probably more after college lol.

My camera broke :( eek so I have to borrow my uncles when I wanna take pics. I'll try and get some new ones tonight while we're babysitting since Im taking the camera anyways :).

I hope everyone else is doing great!

[Wednesday, May 10th @ 4:01pm]

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Now it's our turn!Collapse )

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Using and Earning Points [Tuesday, May 9th @ 10:09pm]
Earning points:
You can earn points in many ways. If a MOD feels you deserve some, then they can dish you out some! Participating in competitions and themes can win you points, and winning them will gain you even more! You will know you recieved points cause a comment will be left with how many you won.

Spending your points:
You can spend your points to buy icons, headers, promo posts, a deciding vote in a competition, an extra strike, or even a auto accept or reject.

An icon - 100 points
A header - 200 points
Auto accept - 200 points
Auto reject - 200 points
Extra strike - 150 points
Promotion post - 50 points
Winning vote (in competitions) - 100 points

Affiliates form [Tuesday, May 9th @ 10:04pm]
Comment here if you would like to affiliate with ljs_lovers

The Rules:
You must place a link to us on your site, and we will do the same back.
You must be either a couples rating community, a couples community or a marriage community.
You must not take down the link to us. If you do, we will take down the link to you on our site.
If you would like to remove us from your affiliates then let us know and we will do the same.

The Form:
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hello [Monday, May 8th @ 10:02pm]

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My intro, since I too was invited to join.

My name is Jessica and I'm 23, so is my husband Byron. We've been married since November 3, 2002 and together since March of 1999, when we started dating online. We met in person in September 2000 and Byron is becoming a Canadian citizen after moving here from the U.S.

Right now we're trying to conceive our first child. :) For now though, our dogs are our babies. We're pretty ordinary people, but very happy together.

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Intro [Monday, May 8th @ 1:35pm]

I basically copied Tinyflames intro :-D

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[Friday, April 28th @ 8:30pm]
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