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Your name:Angela MacKenzie
You partner's name:Travis Heighton :)
Your age:16
Your partners age:17
Where you're from:Toney River (haha, it's in Nova Scotia)
Where you're partner is from:River John
Your anniversary:March 29th, 2005
How you met:Well, I saw him in church on Christmas Eve, and I asked my mom who the cute boy was, and then she told his mom, and then one of my friends knew him so I got her to hook us up.. etc. It's a really cute story, and it's in my userinfo if you want all the details :)
Was it love at first sight?:YES ♥
How long have the two of you been together?:A year and one month tomorrow :)
Your status (engaged, married etc):Long-term relationship
Do you have promise rings?:Soon :)
Why you joined (if someone promoted to you, who was it?):Kelly, she was on my friends list, and I enjoy her a lot, so I thought I'd join
The most romantic thing your partner has done for you:Picked me flowers from my neighbor's garden when I was sick. lol, it sounds bad but I thought it was so sweet.
The most romantic thing you have done for your partner:Ooh my. Umm.. took him on a boatride I guess
What's the thing you love most about your partner and why?:Oh my. That's a hard question :P Umm.. he appologizes for everything, and he's the most patient person in the world
When did you first realise it was love and what made you realise it?: The first time he came to my house, cause I hadn't really talked to him that much before, but we super clicked, and talked about everything
What do you see in the future for the two of you? (marriage, children etc): Definitely a really long relationship at least, and I can't see myself with anyone else, so hopefully marriage :P
Tell us a sweet story about a memory or moment for the two of you:Geeez. I don't know.. ooh, probably our walk on the beach :) It was so cliché, but it was sooo cute.
Tell us something awkward or bad that the two of you had to work through as a couple and how you did it and what effects does it have on you know (if any): Definitely our one huge fight, when we came so close to breaking up. It's all a blur now, but we haven't fought since then.
What proved to you that they felt the same?How he says how much he loves me like every day :P haha. And all the sweet, spontaneous things he does for me.
Whats one thing you will never forget about this relationship and why?How much I loved him. Cause I've never loved someone like this.
What's something that needs improvement in your relationship?Our short tempers :P Cause we're both super impatient.
Do you have a piece of advice or something to say to other people in love?Ohh geez. So much lol. Don't think it's over just because of one fight. It's natural, and you'll so regret it. And I could go on, but I won't.
Do you have any suggestions for this community?Nope, Kelly runs it, so I'm sure it'll be perfect :)
What do you think of the MOD's?: They're beautiful. Haha
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3.i'll find more.. haha
Post some pics of you and your loved one! 10 at the most.Oh my. Do I really have to? lol. I'll put in the pictures later when I edit it. I'm way too lazy right now.
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